Research in Progress

  • Electrophysiological signal analysis (Some of the technique to be used during signal processing is Power Spectral Analysis, Fast Fourier Transform and Wavelet Transform, Lyapunov Exponent, Correlation Dimension, Neural network).
  • Cognitive Neuroscience- Stroke and its significance.
  • Parkinson’s disease is to correlate the Electroencephalogram and Electromyogram in Parkinson’s disease patients. It will be a true scientific validation tool to justify the clinical and mathematical correlation between two of the Biophysical parameters.
  • Speech and Motor ability is to stimulate the brain’s nervous system in the field of neural systems that improve Speech and cognition using a variety of methods, physical therapy, eye-tracking, motion-capture and psychotherapeutic activities.
  • Detection of Neuronal Disorders Using Novel Approach of Ayurvedic System.
  • Bioinstrumentation- ECG/EEG/EMG amplifier design.
  • Electronic circuit design and simulation through MATLAB.
  • Medical Image Processing.